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The Critter Sitter


Hi! Thanks for visiting Ruby's Pet Retreat!

Pets have always been in my life and a part of my soul.  Currently, my own furry companions including three dogs and three cats,  They are my furry children; my constant companions.


Working from home since 2000 as a free-lancer in writing and advertising, I have the fortune of being free and flexible with my time. I began offering pet-sitting services to my neighbors. From referrals, my business grew to surrounding neighbors. After just a few years, it has become a full-time business!

Ruby's Pet Retreat offers pet-sitting services to cats, dogs, and rabbits, and any other pet you may have as a companion, with the exception of snakes.  


how can we help you?


Doggie Walking

Kitty, Doggie, & Bunny Home Visits

For kitties, bunnies, hamsters, gerbils, etc.,  I visit your home to care for these sweet fur babies.  I don't just walk in and put some food in  bowl and leave...oh, no.  If your furry one will allow, I will pet them, rub their tummies, scratch their ears, and play with them until they're content.  I will feed them per your instructions, even if you have several kitties with different dietary needs.  I will watch them eat to ensure they are getting the food they're supposed to.  I will scoop the litter box daily, dispose of the waste, and refill with fresh litter, if needed.  Their water bowl will be freshened daily. Don't worry; they will be just as spoiled as always. :-)  

If you want to keep your dog at home during the day, but just need him or her to be taken out and walked, I can help you with that, too. I'll come to your house and take your dog for a walk so he/she can get some exercise, do his/her potties and poos, and receive some love and attention.  If you want to provide disposable bags, that is fine, otherwise, I will bring my own and dispose of properly.

$16 per walk
$20 per 1 daily visit, $35 per 2 daily visits


Located near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO



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