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The Critter Sitter


Hi! Thanks for visiting Ruby's Pet Retreat!

Pets have always been in my life and a part of my soul.  Currently, my own furry companions include two dogs, Bitty and Bernie and three cats, Chewy, Molly, and Seamus.  Bitty is a 15 year old Shiba Inu mix female and Bernie is a 6 year old Chiweenie (part Chihuahua/part Dachshund) male.  Chewy is a 10 year old Maine Coon male, Molly is a 10 year old grey tabby female, and Seamus is a 10 year old orange tabby male.  They are my furry children; my constant companions.


Working from home since 2000 as a free-lancer in writing and advertising, I have the fortune of being free and flexible with my time. I began offering pet-sitting services to my neighbors. From referrals, my business grew to surrounding neighbors. After just a few years, it has become a full-time business!

Ruby's Pet Retreat offers pet-sitting services to cats, dogs, and rabbits, and any other pet you may have as a companion, with the exception of snakes.  


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Doggie Overnight Stays

Doggie Walking

Kitty, Doggie, & Bunny Home Visits

Sometimes, your dog just needs some TLC and company during the day while you're at work. You can either drop them off here at The Retreat on your way to work, or if you're running short on time, I can pick up your dog at your house and bring them here to the Retreat.  Daycare does not include meals, but treats will be given liberally.  Daycare also includes walking.

For dogs, Ruby's Pet Retreat offers a very casual and comfortable home environment where dogs are able to roam freely about the first floor. The back door has a doggy door that goes directly into a fully fenced-in and secure back yard with plenty of room for dogs to run about. This is a very dog-friendly neighborhood. I've lived in this neighborhood and home since 1995. Westwood Park is right down the street, where many dog-walkers and their furry companions can be found. 

You are welcome to bring your own food for your dog and any special treats, toys, and blankets/beds they may favor, however, we always have plenty of those things available here, including several large bowls of fresh water. NOTE: We never give any treats from China; only Milkbone, Greenies, and rawhides made in the U.S.A. 

Before you arrange for your dog to stay here at The Retreat, I like to arrange a Meet-n-Greet with you and your dog here at the house. This is just for your peace of mind, to show you the home where your loved one will be staying, and to make sure your dog(s) get along with my dogs, which I'm sure they will. Also, it helps if your dog or dogs can get used to the various scents and to mark their territory outside in the backyard so that when they return to stay, they're already familiar with the environment and aren't as anxious about your leaving. Bitty is very laid back and likes to keep to herself. Bernie loves to play, but also likes to stick close to me and lay on my lap. He will want to sniff your dog thoroughly to pass his approval. ;-) Seriously, he's a sweetie pie and a lover. My cats typically hang out on the second floor without ever seeing the dogs who visit. If your dog is one to chase cats, I can set up gate separators so they won't cross paths.

Your dog will never be left in a crate, unless they are puppies and are still in the crate training stage. I have a crate here at my home to use, unless you have a special one you'd like to bring. I am here all night, so they are not left alone overnight. They can sleep in my bed and on the furniture if they like and if that is something you allow. If not, I will adhere to your rules for your dog.

Your dog will be walked here in my neighborhood as many times per day as needed and always on-leash; never off-leash. My home does have a secured, fenced in backyard with room to run. They are welcome to conduct their "business" in the backyard if they'd like.

I do require that your dog is current on all vaccinations, as my pets are, and that they are house-broken. 

For kitties, bunnies, hamsters, gerbils, etc.,  I visit your home to care for these sweet fur babies.  I don't just walk in and put some food in  bowl and leave...oh, no.  If your furry one will allow, I will pet them, rub their tummies, scratch their ears, and play with them until they're content.  I will feed them per your instructions, even if you have several kitties with different dietary needs.  I will watch them eat to ensure they are getting the food they're supposed to.  I will scoop the litter box daily, dispose of the waste, and refill with fresh litter, if needed.  Their water bowl will be freshened daily. Don't worry; they will be just as spoiled as always. :-)  

If you want to keep your dog at home during the day, but just need him or her to be taken out and walked, I can help you with that, too. I'll come to your house and take your dog for a walk so he/she can get some exercise, do his/her potties and poos, and receive some love and attention.  If you want to provide disposable bags, that is fine, otherwise, I will bring my own and dispose of properly.

$45 per night
$16 per walk
$20 per 1 daily visit, $35 per 2 daily visits
$20 per day



Located near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO



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